"Starting in 2007, I began seeing Dr. Garcia for a number of symptoms - dizziness, headaches, arthritis and back pain. I had tried other methods before, but found no success until I met Dr. Garcia. His holistic approach to treatment using acupuncture and herbal supplements resulted in immediate drastic improvement in all of my symptoms and a general increase in energy. I have recommended Dr. Garcia to my patients who suffered with stress-related symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia and back pain and the results were amazing. They all continue treatment with him when needed. On a personal note, I find Dr. Garcia's nature, style and manner to be professional, warm, supportive, encouraging, highly skilled, informative and knowledgeable. I will continue to recommend Dr. Garcia to my patients as well as to my relatives and friends.." -- Lore Stone, Ph.D. 

 "Romeo Garcia-Macias has been a volunteer acupuncturist at Being Alive since 2007. He is our most sought after acupuncturist and our clients rave about his professional skills and warm, caring personality." -- Kevin Kurth, Executive Director, Being Alive 

 "Romeo, I'm so blessed to have you recommended to me. I haven't been in this space for a very long time. I'm so excited for my next session." -- Tehmina Sunny 

 "Romeo has made a believer of me. Since I've been going, my back doesn't ache and I have more energy. The combination of no backache and more energy allows me to walk more without any pain or exhaustion. Romeo is very patient and takes his time. He's very pleasant and immediately puts you at ease. You will truly be amazed with Romeo's healing hands." -- Jano 

 "When I put my dog to sleep after 11 years, Dr. Garcia-Macias helped me through my grieving process. His expert knowledge in acupuncture and Medicinal herbs kept me centered and grounded through that difficult period. It was truly a wonder how Dr. Garcia-Macias' vast knowledge and technique worked on healing me. I have since become a client and continue to benefit from his services." -- Danny 

 "I wanted to Thank You for bringing me relief in my bout with Sciatica. I had reached a point where I had felt that Western medicine had done all it could for me and that I might never be pain free, or back to normal again. I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that your treatment program has brought me so much relief, not only from the pain but also the depression that was compounding it." -- Scott Overgaard